The Sophisticated Mom

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I'm pretty sure my grandma fits into this category, but can you really put a person into one category? The sophisticate mom always has fresh flowers on display, must have a little lipstick on, and never leaves the house without a pair of gorgeous earrings.

Can you believe these gorgeous earrings from Chico's are only $20? Well, they are and they're screaming your mom's name!

Do I really need to tell you why this is a great gift? Chanel No. 5 starting at $95.

Being from New Mexico, I love Nambe. It's classic yet modern with it's clean lines and polished look. This pair of flare candlesticks would look beautiful on Mama's dining room table.

This Pink Sinner lipstick by Lipstick Queen should be a staple among sophisticate moms.

You mom will wow people whether she's throwing a party or running errands in this amazing Tibi orchid dress.

Your mom can hide all of her treasures in this Jewelry Box that comes in 7 other colors.

If you can afford $770 for a pair of patent Louboutin's, I can guarantee your mom will never forget it! In fact, I bet she'll be telling everybody what great taste you have!

American Style is just out and the Warhol cover alone makes me want it on my coffee table. I think mother would agree!

What do YSL, lipgloss, and a pretty charm have in common? Being rolled into one and given to you mom!