The New Mom

Monday, May 5, 2008

Whether she's your best friend, co-worker, or sister-in-law, chances are you know a new mom. If you are a new mom youself, maybe you'll find something to hint about!

All moms know that beauty is hard when you're chasing after little ones. Thankfully the people at 3CC have thought of that and made a Mom on the Go kit! It comes in warm and cool but at $98 it's a bit high but 3CC isn't exactly known for it's cheap products.

Do diaper bags come any chicer than this? Storksak's "Emily" can be your friend's (or yours) for $168!

Lucky you! Maxi dresses are easy and right on trend! This one from Diane von Furstenberg is colorful, forgiving, and has breast access for feedings. Now all you need is some gladiators!

Yes, that is a Dior baby bottle. But what baby of a fashionable mama wouldn't want it?! Ok, it's more about the mama not the baby. At $40 (yikes!) it comes in silver, blue, or pink.

What mom (or anyone really) wouldn't love a heart lock bracelet from Tiffany? This one has "Mom" written on it and is so fab she could wear it with jeans or a ballgown!

I don't think I could actually use these Bvlgari Soaps because they are too cute! This is probably as useful as Johnson's baby wash but again, it's more of a mama luxury thing!

What more could a new mom want than a little breakfast in bed? Thanks to Philosophy you can have that and a hot bath too!

Because it's pretty much the coolest thing ever, a pink wagon. I know you're jealous and wish you had one for yourself. I know I do!


Anonymous said...

oh! what about czela bellies? those could be on your hip mom list!