The Ladies of Mad Men

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I don't know about you but Mad Men has sucked me in. From the fashions, the smoking and drinking, to the world in which women are secondary, I'm completely hooked. The women may be secondary in the workplace and in marriages but their fashions have the show's spotlight. Here I've recreated modern looks that might be seen on Joan, Peggy, and Betty.

Betty Draper is the housewife of the group. This former model has a Grace Kelly air and seems to glide around the house in shirtdresses and pearls.

Majorica at ShopStyle

Joan Holloway, on the other hand, is the office manager for Sterling-Cooper. Her looks consist of form-fitting jewel tones with her signature bar necklace and gold pin.
Suzi Chin at ShopStyle

Peggy Olson may not be the most fashion-forward but her look is still doable and modern. Plaids, cardigans, and a lack of jewelry make up this copywriter's wardrobe.
Urban Outfitters at ShopStyle

See? Early 60's inspired looks are easy to pull off and oh so chic!

Gifts for Rock's Newest Member

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani (who happens to be my favorite) have a new addition to their family! Little Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale (sheesh!) was born earlier today at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Since this is my favorite celeb couple I thought I'd share with you what I would load up on for baby Zuma.

All babies need musical inspiration, especially if they are born to rockstars!Rockabye Baby Rockabye-Lullaby To The Cure $21 Also available in: The Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, U2, Coldplay, The Ramones, The Beatles, and the Rolling Stones.

Peace, love, rock n roll, and a nap. City Threads - Guitar Peace Layer Tee $48

Because they don't make Converse this small! Trumpette Johnny Booties $16

Just like big brother and Daddy! Diesel - Blue Busky Jeans $95

A sock monkey seems like the kind of toy Gwen would give to her baby. So, a sock monkey it is! Sock Monkey $15

For a diaper bag with a ska vibe that Gavin wouldn't mind carrying, Gwen has made the perfect option! L.A.M.B. Checkerboard Springvale Drawstring Tote

Fashion Takes It's Place in the 2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Last week's Project Runway had me watching the outfits of the Opening Ceremony very carefully. There were 5 major hits in my book and one giant flop. Since the athletes had to walk so much, their shoes look a bit orthopedic. I'll forgive them for that.

My absolute, hands down favorite was Slovakia. In cute red blazers (I want one) with white piping, white skirts, big white hats with red ribbons. Even semi-cute red flats!

Finland looked great in blue printed wrap dresses which really showed off the figures of the female athletes. Super ugly shoes, though.

With Ralph Lauren dressing Team USA it was hard to go wrong. Chic blue blazers embroidered with the USA Olympic logo, white pants, white button downs (men with blue and red striped ties, women with matching ascots), and great driving caps. U.S. Sportswear's king has made us look fabulous!

Berets pour les femmes? Oui! Wide belts? Oui! Fab hats pour les hommes? Oui! The French looked fantastic in striped button down shirts, wide red obi belts, navy pants, and navy berets. I love that they wore berets. LOVE IT!

Hungary wore red and white floral suits. Florals! I loved it but the matching hats and red bags were a bit much.

And now for the oddball losing look of the night. Does everyone remember how the "cocktail" looks were ripped apart on Project Runway? Apparently whoever designed Poland's outfits didn't get the memo. Not only were the ladies in shiny dresses, they actually had sheer wraps. Oy vey. Unfortunately, I can't find a picture. Maybe they scoured the internet to remove them. I sure wouldn't blame them!

If you missed the ceremony, there were some beautiful fashion moments!

Scarlett O'Hara met China in vibrant dresses that were featured in a dance about China's history.

This dancer had a gorgeous green and yellow dress-skirt-thing with henna looking designs all over her arms.

I really loved the red dresses that the women leading the countries were wearing. They were traditional yet very modern with the tulle.

Source and source

Fall Cocktail Looks

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fall cocktail looks are very transitional. The lightness of summer is fading yet it's not quite appropriate to break out the velvet and sequins. Here are three fall looks that are a little more ready for the change of seasons. I really loved both the teal dresses and couldn't decide between the two so you get both!

Stella McCartney at ShopStyle

Madison Marcus at ShopStyle

Kyumi at ShopStyle

Kristen Bell's Look for Less

Monday, August 4, 2008

I love Kristen's Jenni Kayne look at the Teen Choice Awards but since we can't all afford that... here's the cheaper version.

August Must Haves: Fashion

As the summer drags on, there is one thing I want to beat the heat. A cute little playsuit! I haven't had one since I was about 10 but this one by 12th Street by Cynthia Vincent is decidedly chic. Add a flower to your hair and you have a modern day pin-up look!

This Elizabeth and James Cross Necklace is available for preorder right now. Who wouldn't want to be one of the first to sport the Olsen's first foray into jewelry? Not to mention it would look great with some tanned skin!

I love this jersey top by C. Keer. The colors are nice and sunny and the stitching adds great detail. Add some gladiators, and you're good to go!

When it's really hot, the last thing I want to do is schlep a big bag on my shoulder. That's why this Marc by Marc Jacobs Lock It Up Clutch is perfect. It's not delicate or shimmery and it's a perfect alternative to a leather bag.

Tie-dye gets a modern update in this Forever 21 Dina Dress. It's summery but can but can be carried through the fall with a long cardigan and some thick tights.

Chloe's Slingback Sandals are bright violet and would look killer with that playsuit! Not only that, they're on sale!

August Must Haves: Beauty

Saturday, August 2, 2008

As great for our bodies as water is, sometimes a cold soda is just what you need for refreshment. Enter Philosophy's The Soda Fountain, all the scents and flavors without the sugar and calories! The set includes Cherry Cola, Root Beer, and Fruit Punch.

Missoni's new light sparkling floral fragarance, Acqua, was made for summer. Just looking at the bottle makes me want to float away to Lake Como and spend some time drinking mojitos and soaking up the sun.

I don't know about you, but this Ole Henriksen Aloe Vera Gel has my name written all over it. I'm a stickler for sunscreen and try not to let myself burn or tan but this sounds like it would feel so cooling on any hot skin. Besides, it's a giant pot of green gel, how can you resist that?

A whole collection of makeup bags in my favorite color? Add some swirled quilting and high shine and this is just begging me to buy it all. Sephora's Violet Swirl Bags range from $16-$38. Check out the cobalt color too, you might have to mix and match!

Even though I'm not subjecting my hair to heat, chlorine, or saltwater damage, I do tend to put my hair in a ponytail quite a bit. I'm working on that though because someone commented that they had never seen me with my hair down! Instead of the basic metal-free hair ties I use, these J. Crew Floral Hairbands would be an instant way to may your ponytail chic and summery.

Possibly the most intriguing thing to happen to the mascara wand since it was invented, Givenchy's Phenomen'Eyes Mascara promises "...a high-tech, patented round sphere at the tip of the precision wand that reaches every lash and adapts to all eye shapes. It's a Sephora exclusive." Well, of course I want to try it. It's a round mascara wand! Er... brush.