Fashion Takes It's Place in the 2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Last week's Project Runway had me watching the outfits of the Opening Ceremony very carefully. There were 5 major hits in my book and one giant flop. Since the athletes had to walk so much, their shoes look a bit orthopedic. I'll forgive them for that.

My absolute, hands down favorite was Slovakia. In cute red blazers (I want one) with white piping, white skirts, big white hats with red ribbons. Even semi-cute red flats!

Finland looked great in blue printed wrap dresses which really showed off the figures of the female athletes. Super ugly shoes, though.

With Ralph Lauren dressing Team USA it was hard to go wrong. Chic blue blazers embroidered with the USA Olympic logo, white pants, white button downs (men with blue and red striped ties, women with matching ascots), and great driving caps. U.S. Sportswear's king has made us look fabulous!

Berets pour les femmes? Oui! Wide belts? Oui! Fab hats pour les hommes? Oui! The French looked fantastic in striped button down shirts, wide red obi belts, navy pants, and navy berets. I love that they wore berets. LOVE IT!

Hungary wore red and white floral suits. Florals! I loved it but the matching hats and red bags were a bit much.

And now for the oddball losing look of the night. Does everyone remember how the "cocktail" looks were ripped apart on Project Runway? Apparently whoever designed Poland's outfits didn't get the memo. Not only were the ladies in shiny dresses, they actually had sheer wraps. Oy vey. Unfortunately, I can't find a picture. Maybe they scoured the internet to remove them. I sure wouldn't blame them!

If you missed the ceremony, there were some beautiful fashion moments!

Scarlett O'Hara met China in vibrant dresses that were featured in a dance about China's history.

This dancer had a gorgeous green and yellow dress-skirt-thing with henna looking designs all over her arms.

I really loved the red dresses that the women leading the countries were wearing. They were traditional yet very modern with the tulle.

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S said...

I didn't watch the Opening Ceremony but Slovakia's little outfits are adorable! And I love that picture of the Scarlett O'Hara dresses :)

Lyndsay Cabildo said...

This is my most fave post among the ones on the front page! Love how you showed every fashion style of the representatives of some countries! cool!