Urban Decay Primer Potion Goes Under the Knife

Friday, February 22, 2008

Some of you may know that Urban Decay has been holding out on all of us Primer Potion devotees. Because of the shape of the genie packaging, most of the product goes unused and we never even know it! I was about to throw this tube away and but a new one because I thought I was out. Good thing I sliced it open, it would have been wasting money and makeup!

Here's the pictures of me slicing the packaging:

The tools: a small kitchen knife and razor blades.

A ridiculous amount of product left!

Scooped out as much as possible without cutting the bottom open. The container is an old BE Foundation jar.

The easiest way to cut the bottom is poke a hole and cut straight across the rim.

All cleaned out from the bottom...

and all clean from the top! I sustained a slight slice to my finger but it was worth it!

The final amount of product left in that sucker. I think a BE blush container would be the perfect size for this.

I'm going to email Urban Decay with these pictures and suggest that they change they're packaging. I mean seriously, what a waste if you don't cut the damn tube open! Now, that my lovelies, is worth the $15!

Fall 2008 RTW: Gap, Jovovich-Hawk, Herve Leger, Tuleh

Monday, February 4, 2008

Patrick Robinson did not disappoint with his debut collection for Gap. Classics that Gap is known for (i.e. cords, blazers, denim, and cozy sweaters) were given a high fashion update. I can't wait for fall because I want every single item!

Straying from their usual vintage bohemian vibe, the girls of Jovovich-Hawk put out a collection for fall that was all about being a muse to rockers.

Herve Leger
Yes, he can do more than bandage dresses! The ones he put out were fantastic but what I loved even more were the gowns. I smell some talent here!

This label is one of my guilty pleasures. For fall, bright colors, cinched waists, and gorgeous suede boots ruled the Tuleh runway. My favorite look is the cardigan vest over the dress with the fedora and green boots. You're sure to get noticed in these!

February Favorites

Sunday, February 3, 2008

I'm loving this Atifa Satchel. It's a great gray/brown color and it's less than $30!

Barney's always has a great selection of jewelry and Rosanne Pugliese's Morocco Lace Earrings are no exception. Classic yet flirty, these are just my style!

As a major fan of Chloe, I want the Sue leather belt in it's killer purple. Only problem? $470 is a bit out of my price range. Thank God Net-A-Porter has awesome sales!

Speaking of Chloe, I would pair that belt with these awesome slim fit jeans.

It must be because I have Valentine's Day on the brain because I am seriously lusting after Christian Louboutin's Horatio Sling. Maybe it's the coral mixed with the red sole or maybe it's that they're subtly sexy. All I know is, I want them!

Hello, genius product! Tweezerman's After Tweeze Soothing Cream. My (under?)brows with thank me for this!

Fall 2008 RTW: Lacoste, ThreeAsFour, Sari Gueron

Now, I have seen some crazy runways before. Hay? Thank you Jean Paul Gaultier. Wood chips? Ah, Anne Kline. Weird lime green planks? Only you, Marc. What about a dancefloor and a windtunnel? Who else but Alexander McQueen! Now Lacoste can be added to that list with their sheepskin covered runway. Yes, sheepskin. Sorry about that, it's time to talk fashion!

When the show opened, I was scared. Drab gray jumpsuits with more drab head-covering scarves were marching down the runway. At least their boots were cute. Then Vlada walks out in a wintery sweater, parka, and boots complete with shorts and tights. Phew. That was a close one! All in all, I loved the collection and it will definitely be inspiring some looks this next fall!

Is this really the design team has produced some of the wackiest looks in the past? ThreeAsFour let out gorgeous cocktail dresses, modern Katherine Hepburn pant looks, beautifully constructed gowns, and one amazing coat! I can't waitfor their collection at Gap!

Sari Gueron

Sari is a true girly-girl. She wants fancy cocktail dresses for night and casual wear for daytime. This explains why her fall collection was completely evening wear. She's branching out her design talents and launching a daywear line called Sari this season.

Fall 2008 RTW: Erin Fetherston

Saturday, February 2, 2008

I must admit, I was not a fan of her collection for Target. It was a bit too cutesy for my taste. Erin's fall show started off with a lot of black but then transitioned into jewel toned cocktail dresses, flowing prints (better than the bunny prints at Target!), and finished with three white dresses. Much better, Erin! Here are my three favorites from her show:

A perfect mix of a casual tank dress made fancier by the blazer and tights.

A great little cocktail dress with gorgeous seam details.

From the waist up, it's a classic black gown. Let your eyes wander down though and you have a young, fresh take on that classic. Where do I sign for this dress?

For a full viewing of her show, check out Style.com


Be Mine: Valentines Lingerie and Bedtime Accessories

Friday, February 1, 2008

Now that you've got a selection of chic cards, a sweet or saucy dress, and some fab accessories, it's time to focus on what goes underneath it all! Here's three sweet looks and three saucy looks at you guessed it, three price ranges.

And for some foreplay: