The Geeky Mom

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

If you read GeekSugar, you know that geek is chic! If your mom is tech savvy then I have some sweet presents for her!

I think anyone with a laptop would be happy to carry it in this coated-canvas bag from J. Crew. I know I would! It's happy and cheerful much better than mom's boring black!

How hot is the plum color of this Nikon CoolPix S550 camera? Talk about a great accessory!

I love the simple style of these Nuclear Earrings but if I wasn't aware that they are molecules, I'd never guess!

Because annoying pimples come at almost every age, get your mom the Zeno. It zaps those suckers and also comes in pink.

Many of people who are on the computer a lot need reading glasses (like myself) so I found this adorable yellow floral glasses case. It has a kisslock clasp for a little vintage flair!

This Kodak camera case is so cute with it's little charms and it's great price of $25!

Ballet flats have nothing to do with a tech savvy mom except for the fact that they are comfortable and everybody loves comfort! Missoni is responsible for these punchy blue flats!

Hello, blu-ray ready face! Cargo has the makeup to perfect your face so HD is no problem! Unfortunately, the makeup is no longer sold as a set and you have to buy each piece separately.

This USB hub man is so cute! A little man with all of his limbs waiting to be plugged in and put to work!