Project Runway Recap!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I felt bad for the models having the burden of doing something they have no clue about, but I felt worse for the designers who have to work with some ugly fabrics. Why did so many of the models choose satin?

I LOVED Tim's reaction about the inside-out darts on Korto's dress.

Suede is named after a fabric. Suede talks in the third person. Suede is a tad annoying.

First up is Blayne. I like that is dress is SO different from the others but with the black sides, it reminds me of a swimsuit. Anyone up for surfing?

Daniel's dress is great and his model looks like Blair Waldorf here. My only complaint is that I don't like that neckline. It seems a bit matronly to me.

I love this dress by Emily. The braiding is fantastic and I love the back but my only complaint is that it's really short. Really short.

Jerell's dress definitely stood out from the crowd but not in a good way. I love the feathers but other than that, this dress is a total bust for me. What's with the neckband and the random patches of darker blue?

Jennifer's dress is not quite "cocktail" but it's fantastic! I love the combination of orange sherbet and gray but the jersey seemed too casual, tough that wasn't her fault.

All I have to say about Joe's dress is what the hell is up with that circle cutout? The dress is simple and a bit plain but that hole is ridiculous. Not to mention the matching clutch!

As soon as Keith's dress came down the runway, I thought of one thing: hot air balloons. It's either that or a swag on a theater curtain. The hair is great and I love the neckline but the bottom has to go.

I love the colors of Kelli's dress but the bodice doesn't seem to fit properly. I wish she would have stuck to the main blue color and kept the look symmetrical with the left side.

Kenley's dress reminded me of someone else: Christian Siriano! The dress is beautiful and as Michael said, chic but it's so similar to something that we saw just last season.

The word was "fins" literally stolen from my mind on this dress. Korto's dress was a hot mess and the fins make her hips look huge. Speaking of, did you see how the seams made the poor model's ass look? Eesh!

Why any model, much less more than one, bought this fabric is beyond me. Leanne's idea of trying to stick out is a bad one. With this fabric, she should have taken a cue from Henley and made a sheath.

Talk about a comeback! Stella's leather fetish was put on hold to make a "beachy" dress. While the only thing that reminds me of the beach is the color, I loved how she kept her client happy and added her rocker edge to the dress by adding the lacing.

Lauren loves Suede's winning dress and would totally wear it. The strips are genius and the tulle sticking out at the bottom is a little punk princess. Depending on the price at Bluefly, I might just have to snap one up!

This dress by Terri is right up my alley. It's young, classy, and fun! I love the navy and the little ruffle down the back is a perfect alternative to the LBD.

Wesley, you should have known better than to do tailoring like this on satin. Especially ugly satin. It's only more of a chance that your dress is going to bomb and make your model's hips look huge. I do agree with Natalie though, the bow tie is very cute.

My favorites are Terri, Suede, and Jennifer. My least favorites are Jerell, Wesley, and Korto.